New iMac????

Hello, I am about to buy a new iMac - I’m running Cubase 10 and quite a lot of plug ins - Halion, The Grand, EZ drummer, Melodyne and Ozone 6. What is the ideal spec I should aim for? My current iMac is 10 years old and beginning to creak under the strain. It is: 3.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive. It’s lasted well - so I’d be grateful for advice on what to aim for now! Thanks!

The Computer / Studio Hardware & Setup Forum is here, where you can also find many questions just like yours, and the Cubase System requirements can be found on the Steinberg Cubase product site

If iMac Id go for the 27" 3.6 8 core i9. Basic RAM then buy my RAM elsewhere.

Also get one with an SSD drive and not the Fusion drive. That is what I would buy. More than enough power

If I had stupid money Id get the iMacPro but they start at $5,000

Thanks! How much RAM would you suggest? 32GB?

That would be plenty. IF you are doing video rendering then more always helps as well.