New import tracks from project options

Does the new “import tracks from project” options also include mixer settings and sound set for the selected VST intrument track? I’ve tried, but it seems not to work .


what “mixer settings” do you mean exactly, please? And what exactly do you mean by “sound set”? The patch is loaded with the instrument.

Levels, EQ settings, inserts … of audio outputs of imported instrument.For instance Superior drimmer with 12 outs activated, and settings of this 12 outs.

I’d like to know this too…I’ve not yet tried C10.5 as I’m still on windows 7.

Will the following work?

I have a group track in a new project called “close”

I import a VST instrument track from an old project that was routed to a group in it’s project (also called “close”)

The imported track in the new project will be routed to “close” …

i.e will it import output routings ?


Yes, it will restore the routing, is you import the source tracks + the group channel.