New in cubasis

Hi all, i’m new in cubasis… How do i silence or reduce or even cancel the background noice in my voice recording? Can somebody guide me step by step… Cause everytime when i record vocals track for recording the backgroud can be hear…

Hi Adamnoor,

welcome to Cubasis.

In order to help you can you please provide some info about your setup? What interface and microphone are you using?


I’m just using normal iphone microphone… I tried using the insert effects and even send effects i still can hear the background noise

Hi Adamnoor,

As a first tip, look for a super quiet room when making recordings.

If you’re after professional recordings you should consider to invest in a class compliant audio interface (such as Steinberg’s UR interface series) plus microphone.

Since you’re new to Cubasis please have a look at our wide range of available tutorials:

Have great fun using Cubasis!