New install of 7.5 Pro on old PC AND buying 13 as an Update for new PC?

I’m considering to get the Cubase 13 update until tomorrow while the discount applies, and I need to be clear on a couple questions before deciding.

The last version I bought and used was 7.5 Pro (Edu) in 2014. I have that one installed on an Apple G5 which I no longer use actively. I don’t know where my USB Dongle that came with the 7.5 DVD is - maybe I’ll find it, maybe I won’t.

I would like to install 13 on a PC with Windows 11 which I have yet to buy, and I’d like to run my old 7.5 on a Windows 8.1 PC (which would be a currently Win 10 PC that I’m considering to roll back to 8.1 because of several 32 bit apps I want to keep using).
And since IIRC one can have up to three copies of a Cubase license, I would want to uninstall 7.5 from the Apple so I’d be free to eventually have 13 on a second Windows 11 PC just for redundance/ backup.

Can all of this work as I imagine it? Can I still install the old 7.5 DVD on a Win 8.1 machine today, provided I find the old Dongle, and then install 13 on a different PC by buying the Update only (as opposed to buying a full new license)?
And what if I don’t find the Dongle - is it possible to get a replacement? (I do have the receipt from the purchase at Thomann, if it’s of any relevance)

In case these questions are ignorant of general knowledge about Cubase, please bear with me - I’m coming back after a detour with another DAW whose installation and licensing work quite differently.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you don’t find the USB-eLicenser, you have to buy a new one and ask Steinberg for the replacement license. To get it, you need the access to your MySteinberg account.

Once you have the license at the USB-eLicenser, you can update it. But you can buy the update earlier (today, tomorrow).

Once you update the license, you will get Cubase Pro 11 (updated to Cubase 13) license on your USB-eLicenser. With this license, you can start Cubase Pro 11 and older (including Cubase 7.5, or 8.5, which was the latest 32 Cubase version). And of course, you will get Cubase Pro 13 license.

So you can install Cubase 7.5 (8.5) to your old system and use it with the USB-eLicenser and install Cubase Pro 13 to the new system and use it with the new Steinberg licensing system.

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Thank you very much. Two brief follow-up questions:

  1. Just to be 100 % clear, can I buy the Update without having any other proof of my 7.5 purchase other than the Thomann invoice from 2014?
  2. The details for the current offer state that the bonus plugins need to be registered until tomorrow. Is their download, installation and registration independent of whether or not I will have any of the previously described instances of Cubase itself installed until then?


  1. Yes, you can. You will need the license at the activation moment.

  2. Sorry, I don’t know about the additional content.

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