New install of win7. , not finding UAD or Kontakt

Just did a brand new install of n5 on a brand new win7 64 bit drive. UAD and Kontakt are no where to be found!
I am running 64 bit win7 and 64 bit N5. I tried scanning for plugs in the ‘plug in info’ toolbar to no avail.
Any one have some suggestions for me?

Dennis in Memphis

Did you associate the plugin folders in the Program files x86 directory in Nuendo’s plugin paths?

I just followed the N5 install. No mention of x86 directory. So it sounds like I need to do this. Can you educate me on this procedure, kind sir? :slight_smile:


I figured it out. Thanks for the suggestion. I would not have found it without your tips.



Beware though… N64 and 32bit plugins are bridged via steinberg’s bit bridge… Can be very mixed results. Here I run 32 bit Nuendo because of that and bridge the sample players memory and other heavy memory hitting VSTis to 64bit with jbridge.

I’ve also heard that JBridge is a better bet than the stock Steiny one.
Not gone 64 bit here yet - and will not until UA are fully there & tested.