New Install on SSD Drive

Hello all,

I have Cubase 8 installed on a hard drive, and just purchased a new SSD drive. I woUld like to migrate CuBase over to that new drive and was wondering the best way to do it.

Do I need to re-install the full program (along with each update that’s come out since the original release)? Is there a better option?

Thanks1 :smiley:

You can clone your current disk to the new one. There are several tools available to manage this. e.g. (30 days trial).

Acronis+ is brilliant for this :wink:

Macrium Reflect - totally free - clone your current drive and then just swap them over.

Thanks, Guys. I can’t clone my entire hard drive as the new one is not large enough. Can I use any of these programs simply to clone and run Cubase on it? The new drive is only 250 GBs…

thanks again!

If you just want to have Cubase on the new drive, download the latest full-install version from the SB site. As long as you have a registered security key (dongle), you’ll be all set.

Thanks, Reso…yeah, I tried to use the clone software mentioned above, then tried to run Cubase from the new drive and got a ‘skin file not found’ message. So it wouldn’t load. Your approach might be the least complicated…