new install to SSD

Hi Everyone :smiley:

So,recently I bought a reconditioned Windows 10 PC, at a very reasonable price., inc,two drives a small 120GB SSD, for the operating system and a 500GB HDD for storage,with other great specs
A very good friend of mine,(working in computer related stuff) as his job checked it all out,etc

Now I am going to throw this question out there,so please don’t bash me,OK? :laughing:

I am going to install a bigger 1TB SDD on this computer,and propose to install Cubase Pro 10 on it ,etc,etc
My external drive 1TB HDD has the large sample libraries on it

So my questions are
1),Do you prefer a two drive system? Such as a big SSD drive, for your DAW (Cubase) and plugins,and your music work onto a large and cheaper HDD drive,backed up of course?
2) What benefits have you found while using SSD drives,versus HDD drives?

I have read,so far,some great reviews and benefits of using a SSD with the operating system and DAWS on it, etc for fast load times etc
So,I would be greatful for any comments and advice

I use SSD’s for my system disk and all my sample libraries. These are the 2 uses that make very noticeable improvements. Everything else, including Cubase projects, is on HD. I tried projects on an SSD but performance wasn’t any better. I suppose if you have a super-high Audio Track count it might matter.

Initially I undersized my system disk by just enough that I always having to go in and clear out space. That got old fast, so I upgraded the system disk and re-purposed the old one for samples. Currently up to 3 SSD’s for samples.

I would never ever consider to work with ATA drives anymore when it comes to the system drive and sample libraries like Kontakt or BFD3 data etc. I only use a fast 10TB 7200rpm ATA drive for backups, sample packs and miscellaneous Kontakt libraries I don’t use very much but might need in the process.
Everything I use on a regular basis is on SSD drives.

SSDs are low in price meanwhile.

So no reason to not use them for “everything”. Don’t forget that they are quiet.


Thanks everyone for the feedback its much appreciated :smiley:

Yes I agree SSD drives are very quiet,esp handy when recording,and you want minimum noise.Of course there is going to be some hum or something coming from your computer fan
Unless you can rig it for ultra quiet,ha,ha :laughing:

An argument can be made that because of the way SSDs work… you might be better off relegating chores that don’t require lots of rewriting to the SSDs, such that recording multiple takes on tracks might require. I agree with raino’s setup… SSDs for operating SYS, and Sample libraries.

And using a large HDD for your projects that you are currently working on… Maybe it doesn’t make much difference, but I wouldn’t totally discount the idea.


Thanks a lot
What I have done is install a new 1 TB SSD (after cloning the original 120GB SSD) .This has the operating system on it,plus Cubase etc

The original 500GB HDD is for projects and backups
My Seaate 1TB HDD HAS MY sample libraries on this,plus others. The orginal 120GB will just be a backup of the operating system.

All the drives have room to breathe.

When I have saved up I will probably convert both HDD drives to SSD ,I have spent some money on new larger monitors, recentlyheh.heh