New Install

I’m doing a fresh install of drive c with Windows 7
I’ll be installing Cubase 5, 9.5 and 10 in that order.
Normal plugins i’ll intall after but, when should i install waves version 10 ?
Shouls i install waves Version 10 first and then Cubase or the other way round ?

Waves V10 must be installed exactly 5 minutes and 20 seconds after you installed Cubase 9.5, but not earlier than 10 minutes before you install Cubase 10.

Doesn’t matter. Cubase doesn’t care if Waves is installed and vice-a-versa. Cubase simply checks to see what is installed when it starts up. Of course Waves won’t be available to Cubase until it is installed, but that can happen anytime - just like you buy and install stuff when you want not in some proscribed order.

OK Thanks.
In the past the only trouble i’ve ever had is with Waves.