New Installataions & Mediabay icons


Before upgrading my Cubase 8 to 8.5, Steinberg’s “Dark Planet” and “Hypnotic Dance” were installed. And after upgrading to Cubase 8.5 Pro, icons of these 2 VSTs appeared in Halion Sonic in new media bay. Today I bought “Triebwerk” and installed it. Icon of Triebwerk appeared in media bay instruments, but not appeared in Halion Sonic in media bay.

To understand it better please check 2 screenshots at the attachment.

A is the picture of INSTRUMENTS in media bay
B is the picture of HALION SONIC in instruments in media bay.

How can I make Triebwerk seen under Halion Sonic in mediabay?


any comments?

Note: When I load Halion Sonic 2 in Cubase as instruments, I can see new installed Triebwerk in Halion Sonic. I only want to see it also in media bay under Halion Sonic as I see Dark Planet and Hypnotic Dance. What should I do?

I realized that if I remove (uncheck) a Halion Sonic based VST from mediabay (F5), it stays at mediabay rack in instruments but dissappears from Mediabay rack in Halion Sonic.

For example I removed (unchecked) Hypnotic Dance from mediabay (F5); it is still shown in mediabay rack instruments section, disappeared from mediabay rack in Halion Sonic. Then I added (checked) Hypnotic Dance again at mediabay (F5), but it didn’t appear under mediabay rack in Halion Sonic section. How can I add VSTs working also under Halion Sonic to mediabay rack Halion Sonic?