New Installation Cubase ai does not find UR22C inputs & outputs

Just bought UR22C with Cubase AI. So I’m new to Cubase, but used Cakewalk UA-25EX for years.
Device Manager says UR22C is Working Properly.
But Cubase ai only recognises the motherboard microphone input and speaker output
The UR22C is listed on Cubase Studio Setup, but the UR22C i/o page in Studio Setup is blank
Band-in-a-Box uses UR22C just fine.
I have uninstalled and re-installed the UR22C a dozen times - no difference
I have sent 3 queries to Tech Support, but no replies
If I can’t get it to work with Cubase, I’ll have to return it to Amazon - a real pity
Device Manager lists 4 driver .sys files - drmk, ksthink, portcls and yusb_w10_64
Are these what you see in DM? or is something missing or wrong?
Please can anyone help?