New installation of Cubase-11. No sound

Beginner here.

I’ve successfully installed Cubase Elements 11 on to my Windows laptop, connected it to a Steinberg UR22c audio interface and imported a working project I created previously in Cubasis LE 3 for ios. Everything looks great as you can see from the attachment. The only problem is I can’t actually hear anything either via the Windows PC the application is installed on or through the UR22C interface. This is probably something very basic. In ios there was something called dspMixFx URC without which nothing would work. Is there an equivalent to that for Windows?

Take a look at your Audio Connections Output Tab. It should show your Stereo Out Buss and you’ll want them to be assigned to the Output Ports on your UR22c.

If that isn’t the case can you post a screenshot of the Audio Connections Output Tab and also Studio Setup on the tab for your UR22c

Thanks for your reply raino. I don’t quite know how to assign the Output ports to the UR22c. Requested screenshots are attached.

You need to select the ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO’ driver in the upper right dropdown menu.

If this driver is not available you need to download and install it:

Then the UR22c In- and Outputs will be available (like the Realtek ones right now)


Follow @grz advice.

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Thank you raino & grz. I downloaded the drivers and install per instructions but I’m not quite there yet. My Studio setup dialog doesn’t show UR22c In- and Outputs. I’m getting sound from UR22c line 1 but not UR22c line2. See screen shots below.

I don’t know for certain, but I’d expect the UR22C has its own ASIO driver you should be using rather than the Generic driver.

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