New installation of Dorico

I have bought a new Mac Book Pro and want to install a complete installation from Dorico. I’m using Garitan, EZ Drummer an Trillian for the most time instead of Halion. Is it possible to install Dorico without the Halion Symphonic Orchestra? In my previous installation I have a lot of troubles with the installation. My internal SSD is 512 GB so I have to decide which samples I will install.

It is certainly possible to install it without HALion, however the majority of problems that people tend to experience are when they don’t install the HSO content. If you are confident setting up your third party plugins and you understand how expression maps and the routing works then it’s possible to manage without it. I wouldn’t recommend it though unless you are very confident, or you really don’t care about playback (and if you are using other plugins then it looks like you do care about playback).

Hi Paul, thanks. I found the sound of the Halion not so good. I’m using Garitan COMBB an Bigband. For me the problem is that there were problems like this:
What’s going on if Halion is not available?

Is it possible to move the Halion or HSO content to another external disc later?

If Halion is not available then you have to set everything up manually. The support for this in Dorico isn’t the best at the moment, but it’s something that we’ll enhance in future versions.

It should be possible to install or move the content to another disk, though I can’t remember whether you can do that directly in the installer. You might need to do it by creating softlinks manually.

Ok, I have installed everything now and wait for future versions.