New instrument "Mother Source", I am looking for 2 testers for my instrument

Hi, I take this to show you my instrument, “Mother source” is a wavetable synthesis instrument, sampler and a granular playback engine.
In short, they have two layers for samplers with more than 100 analog and digital synthesizer sound sources.
Layer 1 also has granular reproduction and samplers of all kinds (Lead, Atmospheres, String …), and you can also import user samples.
layer 3 is a wavetable synthesizer with 100 new wavetables
I’m looking for 2 testers, they have to meet these characteristics

I’m sorry I don’t meet your requirements, but I must say how beautiful your macro page looks. Great work.

Wow, I don’t own Halion yet, but I have been watching tutorials and really didn’t know one can make such great macro pages.

Hello, I haven’t entered the forum for a while …
Thanks to both of you for your comments, if you want to try it send me a private one, I’ll give it to you

Mother looks good. Lots of Samples and WT on my HD are waiting to find their Purpose in a suitable Project. Just PM if you are looking for Sound Designers and Content.