New Interface Advice......Clarett vs. UR-RT......

Running newly updated PRO10 through Windows 10, looking to upgrade my underperforming 1st gen Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, was pretty cert on the Clarett 4PRE but saw a lot of people recommend the Steinberg UR-RT4… As they are both roughly the same price (I am hoping for a little Black Friday deal…but if not…) I was looking for a little feedback on comparing the 2 units. Am obviously intrigued by the Neve transformers.

Anyway, can anyone compare the 2? I do a lot of acoustic/electric guitar, vocals, a little VST on top.

Thanks in advance.

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Both good interfaces with nice PREs, however the UT-RT does give you the switchable transformer stages (quickly accessible flavour) and on-board DSP, giving you latency free reverb and guitar cabinet sims (or channel strip with a surprisingly nice compressor on there) during tracking (which can be printed or just used for monitoring) - which I loved when I had a UR44. For those two reasons I’d lean towards the UR-4T.

You’ll probably grow to love either, only you know where your priorities lay, if you don’t have many plug-ins the Focusrite has a better plug-in package - but if you’re already bombarded with plug-in choice the UR DSP stuff stands out again as a great feature.

If you only ever track with one or two channels - don’t overlook the UAD Arrow, which gives you endless flavours of mic-pres available during tracking which are still fabulous sounding “naked” (even without loading a plug-in) - thunderbolt 3 only I believe.

Thanks, I have quite a big arsenal of Waves plug-ins. Both interfaces look awesome. Gonna keep reading reviews, many thanks for your reply.