New Interface

Hey guys …

I’m using the Steinberg 816CSX interfaces … honestly, hate it …

So unreliable and doesn’t live up to my expectations of a unit direct from steinberg.

looking to replace it, any suggestions? …

Would really like 3 x ATAD ins …

I used to use the MOTU 2084 and it was good, but want to see some reports on other options before going back to what I used to use.


Why did you post this in the Cubase forum?

You’ll probably get better replies in the appropriate forum:

id go back to the 2084 ,cracking bit of kit and to be honest as much as i love cubase i would never buy another peace of steinberg hardware as with in a few years you might as well through it in the bin as they drop all support and then us “little men” have to folk out shed loads to stay up to date with the latest cubase , ive always used motu in one shape or form and at least they will continue for a long while (as long as there are firewire and usb ports )to support there products unlike steinberg …and yes it is posted in the wrong section but well worth an answer .



I use the TC Konnekt 48 and I’m very satisfied. 4 mic/inst with pre inputs, 8 line inputs, 12 outputs, ADAT, MIDI, a good software mixer, great TC reverb, a remote, good performance at low latency… there’s a lot for the price :slight_smile: If you have some more $$, take a look at the RME Fireface 800.

I don’t agree … my question is related to not using the 816, so I think the cubase forum is the best one.

Thanks for your input though.

i think this would of been the better option !

regards john

I agree with John but as you’re here I use the Konnelt 24D. Same converters as in T.C. Electronic’s flagship model but only cost me £240!!