New iPad insisting on changing sample rate

I started out using Cubasis 2 (2.8.6) on my iPad Pro 12x9 but it was too big and heavy to use onstage, so I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Android, and Cubasis 3 (3.3.6), but it wasn’t as powerful and the songs took longer to load, etc. So I just bought a second iPad (9th Gen, last with a headphone jack, $250 right now for 64GB at major retailers - I bought the 256GB, at $379).

As I’m playing each of my 300+ songs, though, I’m getting a little floating balloon in the top left corner telling me that my song is being converted from 44.1 to 48. I go to setup and change the sample rate back to 44.1, and I get this error message.

This is after a reboot of iPad, so I don’t know what other app could be blocking it. I have to assume the iPad is capable of supporting 44.1 sample rate. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Anyone have any idea on how to keep them all at 44.1? I just checked my iPad Pro and it’s still set to 44.1, also.

Hi @DCinFlorida

Thanks for your message.

The iPad 9th Gen is hardwired to 48 kHz. The only way to change this to 44.1 kHz is to use an external audio connected to the iPad.