New issues since updating Cubasis

iPad Pro 2019 up to date. Cubasis 3 point whatever. Just updated. Now vocals, while mixing, pop and jump really high in volume at random times during playback.

Also, interaction with the screen (tapping items) during playback causes audio changes. Crackling. Popping, etc.

Why? I’ve got the buffering and latency set to max as problem are WORSE when lowered.

PS: problem persists in mixdown. Spiky transients on the vocals even with faded-in regions. When playing back in Cubasis, after problem occurs and moving the position back and starting over, the problem is not there. But then it appears at a later point in the track again. It is literally like Cubasis just has a mind of its own and plays back differently every single time you start over. So tired of these problems in this app that I paid for!