New Laptop

Hi Everyone.

In the coming days my boss will be purchasing, for me, my 1st i7 Quad Core 16 gig laptop. Yipee!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My current setup is i5 dual core with 8 gig ram so am defo looking forward to more power at my fingertips :smiling_imp:

Then it dawns on me how much time it is going to take to transfer across and load up all my music production programs/plug-ins and stuff etc. :cry:

1, Is there an easy way to do it :question:

2, I bought Cub 6 boxed then upgraded to 6.5 and then 7, both upgrades via download. If I have to start again do I have to go through installing Cub 6 and then upgrading to 6.5 and then 7 :question:

3, Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of :question:

Your advice on anything to do with changing laptops and upgrading CPU and Ram so I can achieve :mrgreen: would be most helpfull.


The only pitfall I can think of, is setting up the computer the first time…

If youre on a Mac, Apple’s “Migration Assistant” should make things EXTREMELY easy. Just make sure to plug in the computer’s power and disable Sleep. The Assistant will hand all your files/settings/users/etc… to the new computer, if you choose to have it all copied. You can decide what gets transferred.

If youre on a PC, well, manually copying/installing is needed I believe.

Hope this helps!

You can just install Cubase 7, unless you would like the older versions on your machine. There is no “Upgrade Path” that you need to follow, in order to install. Only the version you’d like.

You purchased a Cubase 7 license, which will run ALL of the older versions, so your Cubase 6/6.5 license effectively turned into the version 7 license. This keeps things nice n clean for us. :slight_smile:

When I recently bought a new laptop it was a lost weekend preparing and installing all my music software. There is no easy way of doing it, not that I know of anyway.

You need to install Cubase 6 from the discs and skip the 6.5 upgrade. Install only the 7 upgrade, as it has all that is required for the full install. Or you can download the full installer for cubase 7 from the downloads page and just run that.

Maybe I am wrong but I am not sure you should install C6 and then C7. Why don’t you use the “CUBASE 7 COMPLETE INSTALLER” here:

I really hope you don’t plan on using an onboard SC…

If you do, I look forward to your next thread… :nerd:

Theres no reason, at all, to install Cubase 6, if you plan on using Cubase 7 only. The only time you want 6 installed, is if you want to use 6, or 6.5. In THAT case, you should install 6 first, then apply the 6.5 update. Ignore the post stating to install 6 and skip 6.5! Cant find any logic in that posting…

Also, Cubase will not install over previous versions either. If you have Cubase SX2 (any version) installed, it will still be in tact once Cubase 7 installs. You can even open them up side by side!

and don’t forget about core parking …disable it ! :wink:

If the OP is using the Cubase 7 upgrade installation file he does indeed need to install from the dvd before hand as the dvd has all the included Vsti content, the upgrade installers do not included these to reduce their file size.

I admit it’s a bit of a nuisance to have to do it this way and downloading the complete installer from Steinberg is the simpler method, but at just over 5 GB some internet connections are not up to it.

Thanks everyone,

These are useful tips.

TheRoyal1. I have used my laptops internal sound card and I have a CI2. I don’t se a great deal of difference. Could you expand on your comment please. Any advice on sound cards will be useful!

Filterfreak. Ok. What is core parking and what does it do and how does it affect Cubase.

I have also heard of hyper threading! Any light shed on this subject would be useful?

All this information will help me make a smooth transition.

Cheers everyone.

win 7 by default parks 2 cores in other words puts them on standby until enough processing is done to require the other 2 cores ,which means your only using 2 cores at once .
This can be checked by by opening the cpu performance in the task manager ,if 1+3 are parked the the following steps to unpark are :

click windows start ,type in - regedit - then click the edit tab -
click on the find tab and enter :0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 wait for the search to finish then you should have a set of values including maximum and minimum values and these need to be set to 0 by going to the edit tab and clicking on modify and entering the value 0 . you might have to do a search more than once if you have more than one power option .
Now reboot and you should see all fours working at once :wink:

Thanks Filterfreak.

My new laptop will be Windows 8.

Can I assume that the process will be the same.


lol i haven’t got a clue :astonished: