New latency problem

Hey, I updated to the latest update 10.0.50 and on the day i updated, I also had a pc crash which resulted in my system freezing and i had to use the power button to switch off the pc. When i tried to re open wavelab i get a workspace error so i deleted the prefs and everything started working.

Since then i have very bad latency, everything is playing fine but everything is really slow and unresponsive when using alot of plugins. Prior to the happening, these plugins have been fine and the latency wasnt this bad. I have tried increasing the my interface buffer to no avail. Im not sure if its wavelab, or the update or the interface but this is new. Im using a threadripper and an apollo.

reinstalled 10.4 and it hasn’t made any difference. Basically, the latency meter is at about 20%, and the audio plays fine, but the play head doesn’t play smoothly and selecting different plugs and parameters is very delayed. quite bad. not sure how much I could take of this lol.

  • This has now been resolved. Not wavelab at all. This was the softube EQ-1 plugin. I firstly went back to wavelab 10.0.4 this didnt work, i then updated to the latest softube version (v. 2.5.9) this also didn’t work, i then updated wavelab to 10.0.5 and restarted and everything working again.