New LE software on old Zomm H4n hardware...

I’ve had a Zoom H4n for over 5 years now, but never tried to connect it to my computer till recently (basically just used it as a note-book to remember ideas and check out mistakes, issues and so forth, buying a new SDHC card any time the old one got filled :wink: ).
Basically, I now want to send SD cards’ contents to my computer (after having cleaned and classified them a bit…).

What version of Cubase LE should I use, considering the recorder is a bit old now (they have a new version called H4n “Pro”) not to have any peroblems using it…I’m afraid that the latest versions wouldn’t fit, though my first move was to upload the LE 10.5.20 version (thinking that after the 1st planned step was taken, I would want to experiment with more advanced possibilities too…).

I haven’t been able so far to upload mu recorded files on the computer (I’m not even sure Cubase LE is the one to use as I have a WaweLab software available too). I’m worried by the size of Cubase Le 10.5.20 too, as I read pn the Zomm online Manual that “le logiciel système téléchargé doit être copié dans le répertoire racine de la carte SD du H4n”, which should mean that the uploaded software should be copied in the root repertory (or list/index/fund ?..) of H4n 's SD card ; considering the software weighs 15.35 GBs and my SD card’s content is 16 GBs !!!, what should I do? :confused: )…
To help it all, the link to Zoom’s uploads website given in the manual, now shows an ‘error 404’ answer !!

Wel I’m not very experienced with uploads on commuters, then ant help, explanation or link to a simple thrad would be more than welcome.