New Licencing Scheme concerns (Cubase 12, Dorico 4)

I currently I use Cubase and Dorico products.
I heard and read about the new licensing scheme, but I am a little bit worried about that.

If I use offline i have to after X days to reactivate. What happen if I don’t want to upgrade the Cubase 12 version in the future and i want to use my old system just for one goal and it pass 10 years. What is the guarantee that version can use even if the Steinberg activation/license schema wont be anymore support that (because they will be change the technology as they did now)?

Will I get a generic serial number? Because when i bought the product that’s permanent. With the USB e-licenser i could use it because that’s mine till now.

One of big advantages was with the USB e-licenser the software (Cubase, Dorico) weren’t depend on online licensing. That was your the software and now I don’t feel any guarantee that software i will be able to use forever. The latest Windows Xp, Vista, 7 etc. product is not support anymore online digital activation, but i have options to buy a retail serial number and i can install even if the hardware doesn’t support i can use in VM which they are able to communicate the guest system with the hardware directly (1-2ms).

So the question is: What is the guarantee that version (Cubase 12) i can use even if the Steinberg activation/license schema wont be anymore support over next (for instance: 10 years)?

Thank You,
Balazs Birtalan

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Not to state the obvious, but there are hundreds of examples of software we all have been using that are licensed without a USB stick. Simple example = Celemony Melodyne or everything by Native Instruments.
One is able to use them by simply doing either online or offline activation - some like UVI /Pace (Waves) use USB + Cloud

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have a look at the FAQ New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg and the announcement Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

You would trust the company you do business with to follow the terms of the contract, just as they have since the beginning in 1985.

This has been discussed to death on the forum, so I’ll close this now.