New lockup problems on 6.0.5 under Mac OS?

Anyone having lockup issues in 6.0.5? Ever since I updated, sometimes I hit play and the playbar doesn’t move, and then I get the spinning beach ball of death for a handful of seconds, then it goes away. Then I try to play, it comes back, etc. I eventually have to force quit, and sometimes reboot.

You’re gonna get a lot of blank stares at this post unless you get a bit more specific.

Describe the scope of the Project file that’s locking up. Number of tracks, track types: Audio, VSTi…etc.

Could you post some system specs? Mac type, OS, I/O device…that sort of thing.

Are you using any 3rd party plug-ins? Is everything up to date…ie: compatible with your OS version?

Kontakt 4, a few samples loaded into it, nothing serious (like maybe a gig’s worth of samples). One Ivory II VST. Quantum Leap Spaces for reverb FX. No audio tracks, just VSTs. OS 10.6.8, everything is up to date. 3rd party plug-ins, mentioned above.

Aloha M,

6.05 seems to be running fine here on
my iMac and MacBook (see sig)

One suggestion is to take the long way home.

What I mean is to run C6 and your Mac ‘vanilla’.
No third party stuff at all.

Once working, install one 3rd party item at a time,
make sure everything is working, rinse and repeat
with the next 3rd party item and keep going from there.


Can’t at the moment, mid-project.

It seems to only happen with projects where I have video (MOV files) in the pool. Doesn’t seem to play nice with that.

Are you saying you did this update while working on an existing


Yep. 6.0.4 was giving me issues (different than what I’m experiencing now). I basically traded one problem for another.