New LoFi album "Antisocial". Produced with cubase 12

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the work for my latest EP “Antisocial”. I can’t wait for you to hear it because I have put a lot of soul to create it and bring it to the final version. Each song will tell you a story and after listening to the entire album, you should feel as if you had watched a movie. In addition of us doing our #lofamily stuff, MTZ has mastered the entire EP and also has mixed the first 3 tracks. There is also a song with the legendary bass player Eric McCann. Starting with “Sakura Season (chanson trompeuse)” I am going to release a single every two weeks.


  1. Sakura Season (chanson trompeuse)

  2. Aleko x MTZ - Paperplane (danse flottante)

  3. The inner self (musique bleue)

  4. Antisocial (paroles inédites) feat Eric McCann

  5. Monsieur du Gianduia

  6. PHOBIA (embrasser la peur)

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Hi Aleko, that was interesting. Congratulations on finishing your album! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks. Hope there are others here who are more familiar with LoFi than I am.

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Hello Early21 and thank you for your feedback! Track 2 is on if you want to have a listen:

Listened to it. Another good one!

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Thank you so much Early21!

3rd single " The inner self (musique bleue) is on. Your feedback is welcomed: