New Mac - Halion 6 sound banks missing

I’ve migrated Cubase and Nuendo to a new Mac Studio. Eagle and Raven are missing, possibly others I don’t know about.

The .vstsound files are in the correct folder on external SSD, along with the other sounds.

Double clicking the file in the remote SSD, Library Manager says sounds are already registered, but they don’t show up in Halion.

Looking in Mac HD>Library>Application Support>Steinberg>Content, I can see all the vstsound aliases, but there are discrepancies between the aliases there and the full files on the remote SSD. Library manager seems unable to resolve this.

I’ve tried re-installing the full HAlion 6 and Content downloads with Download manager, that hasn’t resolved it.
Anyone got any helpful ideas please?


Updating my own post here…
So I was unable to reconnect Halion 6 with its missing content despite downloading the content and Halion again and reinstalling. Tech support did respond eventually but so far have not been much help.
I decided to install Halion 7 as a demo and behold! all missing content is present.

However today I checked in with Library Manager and found content all over the place, in App Support, in the correct folder on the external ssd, and even referenced back to the sample drive in the old computer, which wasn’t even booted up - it’s a mess.

I’ve now used Library Manger to move all the content to the correct location, it seems to do this quite well, though some content can’t be moved away from the original App Support folder (mostly HalionSonic sounds)

The moral seems to be, don’t use the Apple setup procedure to move an installation to a new Mac. If your Halion content is missing, Library Manager will probably not be able to reconnect it. If I was doing it again I would uninstall Halion completely (if there’s an uninstaller available) and start again with a fresh install.