New Mac Mini compatibility question

I was thinking of getting a new Mac Mini and upgrading to Cubase 11. Is Cubase 11 compatible with a new Mac Mini with it’s new M1 processor?

Aloha Scott

AFAIK the Cubase that is available today (C11) would have to run under the ‘Rosetta 2’ translation layer.
While I have read good things about Rosetta 2, personally I would not trust it while using a DAW app like Cubase.

Yamaha/Steinberg will probably 1st issue a ‘universal’ version of Cubase (which can run natively on both
intel and M1).

Then over time as the remaining Intel Macs are sold off and no longer produced,
we will get a pure Apple Silicon version.

IMHO that’s the time to buy. I would say in about a year or so.

Bonus for waiting:
In a year or so, Apple Silicon chips will have much better performance than today’s M1 chip,


What you are saying is good to hear. It’s common sense but I’ve been short on that lately. Waiting will give me time to select the right audio interface, and put the dough together. I’ve been reading up on the MOTU A16 and the Focusright.

I think it wise to be careful what you buy today, at least for what you see as an investment for your studio. Im not that worried about stuff like the major DAWs. But old software plugs that is not very good maintained today should be avoided. One of my favourite reverb plugs was made by TC-electronic. It’s not updated and the company is bought by Behringer. I would be very surprised if it ever will get an update to Arm. Most of my Waves will require a license renewal to W13 (or what ever it will be). That’s a other $350US for sure. Native Instrument probably the same. It will be a pay upgrade for the move. May soundcard will be obsoleted with the Arm. Apple will not provide firewire support. And apple have VERY much more requirements for hardware drivers and the old ones wont work with rosetta. Performance for the topmodel intel mini is about the same as the new M1. M1 has better single core, slightly better multi core. But it limited to max 16Gb ram and has less IO. However 2 thundbolt ports should be good enough for a DAW, but 16 Gb is to little for the gigantic sample librarys some people are using.

A lot to think about. The Intel chip was a good idea when Apple adopted it. Moving away from it throws a wrench into the issues at least for now. After these great responses, I’m in a wait and see mode. Buying a high quality used Mac Mini could be a stop gap measure for the time being…

Why not use the thread we already have…?

I’m thinking of buying one and I’m still on 9.5, kind of hoping not to have to upgrade tbh.

There hasn’t been any update on this announcement from Steinberg, so this is still the latest official news.