New Mac Monterey 12.6 doesn't recognize UR22

Sorry if this is an inappropriate page for this discussion - - I’m new to the Forum. I’ve a new Mac with Monterey 12.6. I loaded the Yamaha 3.1.3 driver successfully. Driver shows up in the USB list, but not in the Applications/Audio-midi - Help?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you use M1 Mac? Do you start Cubase as Native or in the Rosetta, please?

Yes, M1 Mac, and, no, I don’t use Rosetta.
thanks, Will


Is the driver Native? Could you try in Rosetta, please?

Hi, and thanks for your help.
I haven’t even begun to use the UR22 with CuBase yet (although Cubase opens up just fine). I’m trying to use the UR22 as the audio output of my mac. I’m using the Yamaha driver 3.1.3.
thanks, Will

Howdy, folks, it’s a few months later and I’m trying again to use my (new in 2014 or so) UR22 with my Mac M1 Monterey 12.6 OS - can’t get the Yamaha USB driver 3.1.4 to work. Seems the driver is ‘installed’ but the audio interface does not show up in my audio options, only the native mac speakers. I have installed Rosetta although I’m not sure if that is relevant. Any ideas??
thanks, Will P.