New Macro Greyed Out

I made a few new macros and they worked once or so now they are greyed out and won’t let me access them.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

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not without more specifics.

Same issue, created following macro: Delete time, select events under cursor, crossfade, start/stop. assigned it to a keycommand. This worked for a week or so, then started malfunctioning for reasons unknown.
It would cease working or work only in three steps out of four, then inexplicably start working again after a few minutes (reset preferences to default but this seems to not conclusively have an effect since the malfunction of the macro is random as far as I can see.
All my custom macros are now, as of today suddenly greyed out.
recreating the macros does not seem to make a difference.

Did you find a sollution to your problem?