New Macs Tomorrow ! Big Apple Event


Tomorrow is the big event at Apple ! New Macs, new OS, …and more !


Will the new Macs ship with OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) ? and if so, how will this affect us DAW users ? Will we able to work with Mountain Lion and Cubase 6.5 and all our other apps/plug-ins/…etc. ? or will we have to install OSX 10.7 (Lion) to run smoothly with the new Macs ?

I’m looking forward to get one of the new Mac Pros, my current Mac Pro 8 core, 3.0 Ghz, (2,1) woodcrest based has served me pretty well for the past 5 years, i think it’s a good time to move forward to the next generation of blazing fast Mac Pros (Finally !) :mrgreen:


if they use the new octocore Xeons they’ll be awesome, but expensive :slight_smile:


Mac Pro’s were always expensive. I don’t expect them to be cheap this time around.

good question. will mountain lion be compatibly with Cubase 6.5?
Any problems? Or will this work smoothly?


Well they don’t. More of a fire sale really. :wink:


Boring, no USB 3.0, no Thunderbolt, nothing that new really…