New Macs/USB3/current dongle. Compatible?

Aloha Steiny guys.

I have been holding off getting a new laptop and now
new Macs are going to ship soon. Yea!

Problem is, the new Macs use USB3 and I am wondering
if my current dongle will still work with that tech.

I have read that USB3 IS backward compatible with USB2 but I also heard
Alex Lindsay (Pixel Corp) on a podcast saying that some of his USB2 gear
will not work with the USB3 standard.

So before I order this machine, is there any info re: Cubase 6.5 and its eLicenser using USB3?


Don’t know about the dongle, but I’ve had experience of usb interfaces not working on usb3 ports.

Just tried the dongle in my pc’s usb3 port and it’s fine.

I use dongle on my PC laptop with USB3, never had an issue. USB3 is backward compatible w/USB2. Do the new MACs have expanded RAM andFirewire 800?

Yes it should be but i know a lot users had problems with usb3 and dongle or interface.
Helped already a few users witch plugged their interfaces into an usb3 port and their interfaces didn^t want to work anymore, also dongle doesn’t wanted to make updates or maintenances.
But isn’t the dongle in a usb3 port not watsed? Not better to plugin an usb3ready external HD?

Greetz Bassbase

It probably depends on if you want to run Cubase, or not. A usb3 ready external HD quite certainly won´t work as dongle…

Lol the dongle for sure in another usbport but i would put it in a usb2 port and use the ubs3 for data “highspeed” transfer.

Damm did i wrote again like joda talks? need to get an english teacher but not the one from dagobah.

Greetz Bassbase

If they do still have usb2 ports…

Damm technic is faster evolving than i can read english :wink: shame on me
Should always read all :wink:

Big stones, small stone, sharp stones round stones, faked beards…

Greetz Bassbase

Tanx guys for the replies but still no difinative answer huh?

In the meantime guess I’ll just have to hold off and wait.
But my Macbook is getting very long in the tooth.

Hope Steiny is checking on this.

Thanks again guys.

Sending much Aloha.

I don’t see FW at all. Just USB3 and copperwire (CW) Thunderbolt.

More ram. Yes.


Aloha t,

After reading all the specs and viewing the pix,AFAIK
there are no USB2 ports on these new units.

First the floppy and now this. Will this Apple madness ever end? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yep, when I got my new laptop the hardest thing was losing the firewire for me. Had to get a USB soundcard…now I have 3 Motu and a Presonus yikes