New marker features request

My musical band regularly uses Steinberg software and hardware to work with backing track during live performances.

Scheme of work:
Steinberg UR44 connected to the MacBook Pro with Cubase.
There are 3 tracks in Cubase project:

  • Backing track stereo mix (direct out 1-2 (to drummer) + direct out 3-4 (to FOH))
  • Click (direct out 1-2 (to drummer))
  • Marker track (about 150 markers)
    Before we start live performance we change the ID of markers in accordance with the songlist we want to perform.
    This list changes regularly. We spend a lot of time to manually change the ID of each marker!

Sometimes we need to quickly start a certain song, which was not planned in the performance.
To do it we sort markers alphabetically, and manually search the marker with a specific name. We have more than 150 markers and this value is growing!

Please consider the development of the following functional:

  1. Drag-n-drop movement of the markers in the list so that you can quickly create a “playlist”.
  2. Create the quicksearch box on the top of markers list.

Thank you!

Also I need searchbox and sorting at the Arrangement Editor

Maybe you should think about using the arrangement track instead of markers. There you can change the song order by drag n drop in the arrangement list. We also use cubase for backing tracks on stage. And it works great with the arrangement track.

Hmmm, thanks, I’ll try to use it!

Please, can you describre your experience in details?
How many backing tracks in your project?
What do you do if you need to rapidly find the special song in list?

We have a program of 20 tracks in our live project. Every song has its own arrangement event including 2 bars preroll. It’s also possible to devide the songs in arrangement parts and you can repeat the parts several times if necessary. We’re deciding the order of the tracks some days before the gig and prepare the arrangement list according to it. Our drummer start’s the songs by a footswitch. In the arrangement track list you can define that they stop automatically at the end. Then it automatically jumps to the next arrangement event (song) by pressing the footswitch again. It’s also possible to start each song from the arrangement list individually by clicking the play button.
A search function is not available yet. You can name your arrangement events and increase the hight of the arrangement list, so that you will see 24 songs without scrolling.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, main arrangement list sorted by position in timeline only
I have more than 150 songs in the project and need to rapidly find the special song.

I know 2 way of rapid finding:

  • search (there’s no search released here)
  • alphabet sorting (there’s no sorting by columns in table, I can’t sort list by name)

To use your way I need to locate every song in alphabet order on the timeline.
I need some hours of copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and… or move, move, move, move
In the end, I’'ll see manually sorted alphabetical index and can search songs faster.
Chains - really good thing! Now I can create new chain to every new section of performance! )

Your way is petty good! But it need some new features like SORTING and SEARCHING.

Yes, I agree. For 150 songs it could be helpful. :slight_smile:

+1. I do the very same thing. Good idea.

+1 for a search tool… very usefull for post !