new Melodyne 5.1 works with chord track :))))

cool integration of chord track and melodyne 5.1
usually i dont use the chord track,but now maybe i start with some chordal loops for quick sketches or final products even


That’s next level

yeah…whats going on November, also protools got melodyne essentials included and have function to drag audio clip(or convert) to midi with it…
also Avid got the new carbon hardware system that integrates protools and the HW just beautifully it seems

anyway’ i tried to do the melodyne 5.1 thing with nuendo 10.3 and it doesn’t work. probably only with cubase 11 and nuendo 11 which comes probably next week ! and ill upgrade both in the studio i work at

What? ProTools is now able to convert POLYPHONIC audio to MIDI. :unamused:

Yep… protools got some really nice updates/features this year.
im not a heavy protools user(relatively new to it), i use it in a studio just for mixing and some “standard” editing if needed after transferring tracks heavily edited in nuendo.