new midi insert for velocity slope by pitch

It would be very beneficial to have a velocity slope tool for the input of midi.
Something that lets you make a slope the way we do in HALion’s envelope generator. A slope we can grab and bend. this slope could be based on input velocity or pitch.
I seem to have a lot of libraries that become to present when played in upper octaves and I find myself turning them down. Or piano libraries where the upper register is to quiet.
Thanks for listening.

Sounds like a cool idea :slight_smile:.
In the meantime, here’s a very basic Transformer Insert FX setting that (in this example) takes all notes from C5 to C7, and reduces their velocity by 20 (so, an abrupt change, unfortunately… no gradual curve possible, but you could chain up to four of these inserts together, each starting at a higher note, and with a greater velocity drop… if that is any help :wink: )…
Velocity Drop.jpg

Thank you, Probably not that hard to make some kind of gradient out of this tool…
It would be nice to have something with a line I could pull around though.
adjustable gui too pls.