New Midi Record Mode

There needs to be a new midi record mode that records new takes of midi into a new lane without playing back the midi from the previous lane, just like an audio track. This currently only works when loop recording, but when you stop the song and start again doing a second take, the audio plays back from the first take. This is very annoying when tracking drums with midi triggers for samples. I would love if there was a mode that fixed this. This should actually be a feature of the “new parts” mode that currently exists.


I use the mode which mutes all previous takes except the last take. Yes that one only works in cycle loop mode.

Ok, if you go back to that loop the original take from the first loop recordings remain. But are you just wanting to avoid having to mute that original midi event?

Yes. I track midi and audio at the same time when recording drums. I want to hit stop, and record take 2 without having to mute previous takes. Also I then have to unmute them to comp and it plays all the takes back at once. Super lame

Midi record mode “replace” doesn’t achieve what you want?

I personally have not tried it.

Replace removes all previous takes, so that’s not what I need


Check this thread, which was summing up quite well the issue.

I admit that I haven’t recently tested the whole thing, since.

Ok, what if you built a macro that creates a duplicate version for each recording pass, while using replace midi record mode, then you’ll still have your previous takes in preceding versions

Ya, I’ve tried using track versions instead of lanes, but comping with versions isn’t quite as easy as it is with lanes. Not a terrible option, but a simple update to the way midi is recorded with the “new tracks” option would be helpful.

I appreciate you thinking of options though!

Yep, same issue. Thanks for sharing.