New MIDI Remote: Can Lemur/OSC templates be transferred to it?

I’m abit apprehensive that Generic Remote is going to be phased out. This means I have to figure out another way to connect my custom Lemur touchscreen control to Cubase/Nuendo (I’m sure there are also many out there also using Lemur/OSC).

This means:

  1. Able to use faders for Control Room, Volume, Modulation, Expression, Pitch, and other CC Learns.
  2. Execute any command, macros and Logical Editor commands in Cubendo.

Does anyone know of a way to go about this using the new MIDI Remote? There’s no way to import .XML files here, only a proprietary MIDI Remote Script.

I think you can delay your concern about losing the Generic Remote for a while yet. There’s many fantastic things about this new API, but it’s just the beginning and it isn’t yet on feature parity with the Generic Remote.

So unless you’re a remote control enthusiast seriously into early adoption (like me :nerd_face:), I would just stick with what you have working right now.

Okay. Thanks for the reassurance. :slight_smile:

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I’ve made in lemur a fader for QC Focus plugin to have the Dry/Wet function of some plugins, working fine in the new Midi Remote…

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Thanks for your input. I really still have no idea how to go about it. :sweat_smile:

Well you already have Midi input / output for your Lemur, so create a new midi controller in Midi Remote with your Lemur midi in/out, give the name you want for "manufacturer/author etc…), and now move your lemur fader or pot to create same thing in Midi remote, then assign it to a action in midi Remote … et voila…

Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I’m currently trying it out right now.

It seems I can only assign MIDI key commands, but not Modulation, Expression, or Pitchbend to a fader.

No you can not, there is no direct MIDI modification as there is on other platforms. You can however assign the faders to Track quick controls and then, in the track assign the track quick control to Pitch bend, modulation, breath, expression, or even a specific CC that the instrument uses for vibrato. This does work on an instrument track but it does NOT work on a MIDI track. Why track quick controls are broken for MIDI tracks, I do not know.

You can still use the traditional way of setting the fader directly to the desired CC, or if it is built in to the device to be able to do so, to Pitch Bend.

For instance, I have a foot controller with 2 expression pedals. and 7 switches. I wanted to be able to use the foot controller with transport controls, So I mapped the switches, but not the pedals. I can “page” the foot controller, so I also have a separate page with other controls on it. In Cubase I made this look like 2 versions of the same surface. One of them has expression pedals, the other does not. The only time the one without expression pedals works is when I have paged the foot controller because the CC’s are all different, and programmed directly on the device.

I did the same with my fader control surface, mapping one of that devices “pages” to CCs on channel 1, This is separate from the Cubase paging.

Be careful mapping pitch bend on a fader. typically this is done by mapping two separate faders, one from 64 to 0 and another from 64 to 127 or whatever the middle of the pitch bend is… like 2100 or something. Then one is pitch bend up and the other is down.

Okay good to know, thanks so much.

I think I’ll just stick with the legacy generic remote for now, until Midi Remote allows for direct MIDI modification.