New midi remote feature - How to remap knobs (Komplete Kontrol A49)

Hello everyone,

I recently got a Komplete Kontrol A49 and saw that no midi mapping was made to CC11 Expression. I looked online how to access the CC11 with knobs from the keyboard but wasn’t successful in finding how to. The best answer I found was to map the controller through Midi remote but didn’t find the exact script I needed to use. I am trying to build one from scratch.

I tried to look into Cubase functions but couldn’t find one for CC so I assigned the Expression to the Quick Control then use the function: “QC1 (Quick Control | Selected Track)”.

I was able to get data from the knob but the problem is that the value is either 63 or 65. Turning the knob doesn’t change the value from the expected range of 0 - 127.

I then remapped the QC controller to use “Relative” and now I can reach either 1, 64 or 127 values.

I cannot smoothly lerp from 0 to 127 when turning the knob, but only jump by increments of 63.

I am looking at the mapping assistant without understanding how to control the sensitivity of the knob.

Now how to use the value knob in the Midi remote script.

How could I get a smooth mapping from a knob of the A49 keyboard to the expression midi CC. Is my approach the correct one? How can I fix the knob sensitivity? Is there another (better) way to achieve what I am trying to do?

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Hi, I’m not an owner of a49, but I do have an S49.
What you’re trying to do is inside the Komplete Kontrol’s app, if of course I understand exactly what you want to achieve.
Open up Komplete Kontrol in stand-alone, and try to map the CC11 to the knob you want to, following this screenshot (it’s in the manual):

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I was under the understanding that the remapping would only work for Komplete Kontrol app (VST). I am using Opus for orchestral instruments so I thought the ‘remapping’ from Komplete Kontrol app wouldn’t work to change Opus’ instruments expression.

I’ll try once I get home and let you know!

As I thought, your method works but only for Komplete Kontrol VST within Cubase. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to work with Kontakt or Kontakt 7 Player as well (after setting up the midi knob in Komplete Kontrol).

What I am trying to do is to also enable it for other VSTs like Opus, etc.

Would you have an idea on how to do that?

EDIT: I am getting closer to the solution:

I have edited my script to:

It seems that midi 16 channel 80 catches the knob properly, and that Relative Binary Offset value gives me the correct lerp from 0 to 127.

There is an issue that turning the button to the right actually decreases the value, and turning to the left increases it. This is a little bit counter-intuitive so I’d love to know if there is a way to reverse it? I tried to reverse min/max values without success.

The second issue I have is that in Cubase mapping functions, I couldn’t find the CC11 one, only Quick Control. Is there no way to map the button to CC11 directly without going through the Quick Controls?

The assignments are independent of Komplete Kontrol, this I can guarantee, since I’m using all the time this functionality.
They should work (if of course you have MIDI button pressed, maybe in A49 you need Shift+MIDI, I really don’t know this device).
However, talking about other plugins, should you midi-learn these assingments to them?

But maybe you mean something else? You want assignments to stay even if you’re not using the PC you have your NI installation? In this case, it’s true that they will not perform as expected since their functionality passed through an NI’s dll.

Good catch with the Shift + Midi, it worked! Seems I have no need for midi-learn assignments anymore :slight_smile:

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