New Midi Remote - Touch Panel Feature request

With the new Midi Remote Editor I am thinking that we could have floating panels where we could arrange buttons (and maybe faders) and use them in a touchscreen, mapped to all cubase functions, macros and logical editor presets.

This could save us from cumbersome setups, I think the functionality is right there in the editor.

What do you think?


Why using MIDI for that at all? It is very limited (at least MIDI 1.0) and only the protocol because the controller hardware speaks that language. Why not asking for pure OSC connectivity instead?

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Hi Jochen, I used the Midi Remote Editor because when I see videos of people arranging buttons to create a template of a midi controller I think: just let me touch those template buttons with my mouse or a touchscreen and I´ll be supper happy!

I am asking for a “inside cubase” solution, no comunication needed. Just a template creator in a floating window. We create the buttons (maybe name them and give them colors), assign them to any cubase function, macro or logical presets and done!

Do you think it is possible?


A few points.

I have dedicated Windows desktop touch screen software on a multi monitor system . Monitor 1 is 2560 by 1440… Monitor 2 is a 21 inch touchscreen at 1080 resolution.

Plug in’s always lose focus on multi monitor setups at different resolutions even when always on top is selected. They would have to address this for interfaces & also support multi touch.

The touch screen desktop software i’m using decouples the mouse. They would have to do the same.

The midi remote is a useful addition but the interfaces are unattractive when compared with the remote editor.

Many touch screen interfaces have a 2d aesthetic & a limited colour scheme to conserve resources & are also unattractive.

Steinberg would have to regulate this so the interfaces remain themed with their latest edition.A user who wants a classier looking interface will probably just go elsewhere.As graphics & templates will consume more resources as they expand…

Eg. A user will usually create an item like a button then label it’s function & colour it. Another user can simply create the function & insert that as an image. They both perform the same switching task but one is more personalised & will consume more resources as all the images need to be saved in the template.

There’s also all the characteristics of the widgets.

A single channel slider can have different volume curves & a single button can have many different states & toggle on or off or latch.

I would welcome this feature but prefer a Steinberg standalone equivalent of NYRV Agent or Mainstage 3. But it’s probably too much work unless they enlist or merge with an independent developer. I think they need to be careful with the new midi remote as Cubase is slowly beginning to evolve into Reaper with unattractive gui & all the scripting.

I think for the time being, to be able to have some buttons that launch functions macros and logical presets, would be great.
I think there is no need for steinberg to make a complicated interface. Just the ability to interact with the buttons in the midi remote editor and have them send commands would be perfect as a first step.


Jochen, I would be happy if we could just get multi-touch support in Windows for the existing Cubase UI. Custom multi-touch surfaces built into the application would be next level though!


TBH; I see a lot of rave about UI etc on youtube etc and its all valid
I couldnt care less…

I like the black and white of a book with colour only used as keying…too much graphic is fatiguing.

I want robust tools, the rest will follow; ideally they would just create robust framework and you would just skin it with whatever you see fit ie like a style sheet…the biggest thing I have found in 40 years of mixing is, stop looking with eyes and drive with your ears

The most liberating step was using an old MCU and driving a mix with just and extremely simple LCD…and stop quibbling about 0.1 db…really??? Do 60/30/10 mixing and all that detail finds its own place

I have invested so much in just using spreadsheets to send xml maps to Cubase; would be nice to at least import them with generic elements
It would be good to have a basic in house button/panel apt for touchscreen. I tried it for a while with raven/touchscreen in many forms
In the end I spend a heap of time studying brain paths and muscle memory…there is no better way atm…learn to play the mix like an instrument, which means stop thinking and start feeling. Back to hardware for me Im afraid.

A touch panel idea is a logical extension of the 3 tier workshop layout and I wholeheartedly vote for it. Please no more OSC or inter process comms…just some simple tools that have FULL implementation.

I’ve also wanted this badly of late becuase logical presets and macros are just a matter of course now. I got excited for a moment because i thought i could make use of the device panels on the left (create a dummy controller or something like that) but they are for plugins from what i can tell and anyway, i couldn’t get any love from it. Surely one of you smart people out there have already though of and done this? i’m running out of key commands…

Sorry guys, cancel that. I didn’t know that the project/midi panel stays open if you wish, so that’ll do it for me. Would be nice to be able to dock it but I’ve assigned controller to open those panels so not too bad. If you’re like me and you make lots of macros just open up project logistical editor and add your macro on the bottom right hand side, don’t need to do anything else in most circumstances.

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Hey, that’s a really good idea, you mean create empty PLE presets, but add a post action which is the Macro, and then you can select it via the floating PLE presets panel?

Effectively giving you a macro toolbar… i.e.:

That’s genius!

I really wanted custom toolbars where you could create buttons for macros, but this… this could work just as great. Thanks so much for the idea! I’m definitely going to use this, as I hate having to assign key commands to macros and remember them.

Correct! I use that project logocal thing all the time but I hardly ever use the top two filtering things, just use it for the pre and post actions, which for me doesn’t matter, it just gives you 8 things you can do. Now that i know that panel stays open it’s excellent.

TIP - Put something unique in the names of all your actions. For example, I put ‘user’ in front of my descriptors and then sometimes which they are, user macro, user action etc. So when you type up the top you only have to put in ‘user’ and all your personal stuff will show up.

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Goes without saying @skijumptoes, if you need more than 8 just save that whole project logistical panel as ‘blah blah “step 1”’ and then step two etc etc. Effectively limitless.

This will only get better I’m sure. Programs such as AutoCAD, 3dsmax etc where mundane repetitive tasks are part of life and therefore, part of using the program have scripting editors and batch scripting apps where you just drag and drop any one of the standard commands, mixing and matching them however you see fit and then run that on a whole bunch of dwg (etc) files. I suspect Cubase will do the same in releases soon tome come.

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May I ask what software you’re using that does this?