new midi track from trackpreset with double-click

I would like easy add an new midi track with the same parameters as the miditrack before. Perhaps the same midichannel or the same name. But when I double-click under the track list it create a midi track with higher midi channel and with name “MIDI 02”

Alternatively, I would like with double-click a new midi track with track preset.

How can i change this?

You can drag a midi event down to the bottom of the project, beyond the last track, drop the event (perhaps copy it using Alt…) and it will create a new midi track which is exactly the same as the original one, except for the name.

This applies to audio too, and it’ll even copy the insert and send fx.

Or I quite often simply dup the track and then delete all the events on the new track. This is actually my preferred method to use when I’m tracking and I need a new track for extra takes.