New MIXER in CUBASE 7 : track routing question


in this new cubase 7 mixer I want to know if the routing allow me to send 2 or 3 tracks to Another single track.

Is it possible ?

I know that i can send my tracks to groups or fx but to another single track ??

thank you for your help

It is possible. Create a “phantom” stereo out bus and have it as not selected by audio interface. That bus should be your stereo ut and the channel you want to send the audio should have it as stereo in. This provide a inivisible bus between the tracks. Hope it helps.


It seems too complex for what i want to do…

I have guitars recorded with 3 mics ( 3 mono tracks ) and i just want to root this 3 tracks to an another single track to apply my EQs, plugs , etc …


just create a group channel and send those tracks to it, then you can apply eq, etc… directly on the group channel.

I would use a group, too.

If you don’t want to use a group or use More Cowbell’s suggestion I don’t know what else you need. :confused:

Are you looking to create a permanent “combined” audio track of the three mono tracks? If that is the case, just set your locators, solo the three tracks and export audio mixdown with import into project selected.

Or … set up a group track, solo that and export/import.

OK thank you.