New mode for Chord Assistance: Chord Progression Solver


I’d love to hear your thoughts on these feature request. Let me explain this by an example:

Assume you have on 8 bar melody you are certain. But four ( 4) chords We would like the awsome chord assistant be able to find sutaible chords for unknown chords on Chord track.

|C | X | X | Em | X | Dm | X | Cm7|

Utilizing our Chord Progression Solver (CPS), the chord assistant

  1. would present a list of solutions for unknown X chords;
  2. we would be able also to audit them full chord progression ( along with the project) and;
  3. drag and drop it into our project the one we would like the most.

For implementation, I would say develpers can take into account two (2) differnt constraints ( or both together which narrows down the search space):

  • A. using the common notes next and previous chord, and
  • B. common notes with the melody if it is given. ( it can be dragged dropped into a provided ChordPad slot)

I thought it already did that.

Hello @raino, your example that does FR 1 of 3 ( reformated OP) for only 1 unknown, provided that there is only 1 unknow between to known chords. I am requesting for a more general solver. As in my example in the OP, what if we have between F and D chords 2 or 3 or more unknown chords? I am asking also for FR 2 and FR 3.