New monitor tips?


I use cubase 8,5, and I have a 19" monitor now. But I am thinking about buying a 27" monitor too, soo I can have double screens - having the tracks on one screen, and the mixer on the other. (I guess thats the most conventional way to do it, I am not sure on which screen I shall have what yet, what do you think about that?)

Anyway, what pixel resolution would you recommend for the 27" screen? And please explain why you recommend it!


Do not get more then 2560 x 1440 when on 27 inch, higher resolution are fine for watching games, movies and pictures but not for Cubase in my opinion.
For 4K operations a minimal of 32 inch screen real estate is needed in my opinion, there are solutions which scales up fonts so menus are readable, but the main thing is that these are tricks and do not work 100% for all programs.

Other options is to have 2 x 24 inch screens of the same brand and model en pixels.

Thanks for your advices. :slight_smile:

So would you recommend 2560 x 1440 then? Or would you go for less?

Do you know any specific good model? Of 27 inch or maybe 24 inch?


How far away will you be from the screen?
I’d say take as high resolution as you can still read.

Hi never go for less :slight_smile: The more screen real estate the happier you could be!

Check these

I’ve gone with an LG ultrawide and really like the extra width when MIDI and wav editing.

If going with 24 inch (non 4K) monitors(s) I would recommend the ASUS model VS24AH-P.

It has 1980 x 1200 screen resolution (versus 1920 x 1080) for more viewing space. A nice matte finish. A good 3 year warranty. And is reasonably priced for single or multiple screen setup.

The stand has no vertical height adjustment (just tilt).

Good luck :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: