New Monopass PlugIn: Replacer

Hey PG,

I am using WL to produce Full-Size Audibooks with up to 30h of running-time.
With such a long running time there are always Audio-Issues that I have to get rid off.

Therefore I am using a Gate and Waves DeBreather which leads to sections with “Digital Zero” which is very unpleasant to listen to.

My idea is to replace “Digital Zero” with clean “Room Tone”-File - the Interface basically like the AudioInjector.
Therefore I would like to have a new Monopass Plugin called “Replacer” or whatever. :wink:


Hello, you could try to raise the Floor value or use a more gentle downward expander.
my best.

The “advanced silence” function of wavelab allows you to set backgroubd noise, check it…