New montage-->Save As-->Cannot create a new folder?

If I create an empty montage, and go to “save as”, I cannot create a new folder in which to save the montage? Maybe I’m missing something… I only see options to select existing folders. Maybe I’m just a bit too tired tonight or something and I’m missing it?


This is possible and simple: click in the path edit field, and extend the path with your new folder name. Nothing more to do.

This is one thing I really love about WaveLab. Years ago when I tried to find a different mastering DAW, none of them really had this option which to me was a big slowdown. I’m always creating and saving different versions or formats of masters and it’s so nice to just type the new file name and/or destination folder name manually, often just changing one or two characters instead of using the clumsy Mac OS menu to make an entire new folder name. So often, the new version of a file or folder is essentially the same name, just with a tweak of some numbers or a few characters at best.

It may seem small but it saves a lot of time when you work quickly and have a good file management and folder naming scheme.

I see I can type a new path in directly, and it works well… but there’s no way to navigate through folders during the process?

If I’m not sure yet where I want to create the project, sometimes I’ll browse through folders to see what’s in a particular folder… and when I find the correct location, then I’ll create a new folder there for the project. I’ve been opening up the windows explorer window to do this because it seems Wavelab cannot do it… then once I’ve created the correct folder in Windows Explorer, I go back into Wavelab to create the project there.

Are you trying to do this in the File Tab? I never use that area.

I don’t know about Windows but on Mac, you have the option to use the normal file selector pop up box and it works great. You can manually type or tweak path names, or use a normal menu system to navigate and do what needs to be done. This is one part of WaveLab where I never feel restricted or wanting better options so hopefully it’s just something simple on your end.

Here’s a gif:

WOW!!! There is nothing like that in my version… How did you create that screenshot gif? I could create a screenshot gif myself to show you what happens here…

Yes… In this case, I’m in the file tab.

When you clicked the little folder icon, you got these 3 options:

  1. select destination folder
  2. reveal in finder
  3. select file using standard selector

And below that, was a list of recent locations.

When I do this, I get the list of recent locations, but the 3 options are not there at all!


I use a little app from the Cockos/REAPER guys called LiceCap to make little GIFs:

I just SHIFT + S to bring up the Save As dialogue box and that is the window you see in the montage.

Here’s a screenshot:

As you see, I can see recent folders… I can browse using the window boxes for drives and folders in the screen to the left side, but there is no way to actually create a new folder during this process… Usually in Windows, there is a little icon you click to create a new folder. That doesn’t exist anywhere…

The only way I can create a new folder here, is to type a new folder name in the path field. I guess that’s fine… I’ll just do that for now.

Interesting. I don’t know Windows very well at all but what happens if you choose “Save As” when the montage is open? Rather than use the File Tab to get to Save As, can you go to the file menu at the top and choose “Save As”? This is how I always do it (but with the Save As shortcut) and then I get that pop up box that you saw which among other things allows me to make a new folder if needed.

Even if I don’t use the file tab, and I select “save as” from the file menu at the top, it’s still exactly the same… the only way to create a new folder is to type in a file name, and then in the path field, type in a new folder name as part of the path. Then when I click “save”, the folder will be created simultaneously when the file is saved.

Strange, maybe PG can speak about this. Luckily on Mac, I get some good/normal options for navigation and file/path management as you see in the attached screen shot.

The pop up box in the attached screen shot was called up by pressing SHIFT + S or by using the Save As option in the very top File/Menu system but not the File Tab itself which I rarely look at.

Hopefully you can find a better solution for your workflow on Windows.

It’s as PG mentioned above:

It’s not difficult to do… it’s just not very intuitive for someone familiar with the way folders are normally created in typical Windows apps and/or Windows Explorer.

It’s not a big deal I guess… I know how to do it now… Thanks though Justin for the dialog… and for letting me know about the licecap app! It’s pretty cool and I’m sure I’ll use it again at some point… :slight_smile:

Yes, I had a feeling that years ago I made a global setting that helps with this.

Hopefully it’s what Toader needs to get a smoother workflow for Save As operations.

Correct link for LICEcap. <- EDIT: this link is broken by the forum’s badly implemented obscenity filter - see below for analysis! Also a working link.


Weird. I have no idea what’s going on with that LiceCap link, some kind of auto-correct? Hackers?

Maybe you just have to Google it to find it.

Ah - I never thought to check my post!

I wonder if a shortening algorithm will keep it intact:

EDIT: yes, it did - that link works.

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