New Musical Mode

I’ve just upgraded from Cubase Elements 9 to 13 and I’m struggling with Musical Mode. Back in v9 I could tell Cubase what tempo the track was and then select musical mode to fit the track to the new tempo. However in 13 it is automatically picking up the track’s tempo. Does anyone know how I can input the track tempo manually?


There is no track’s tempo in Cubase. The tempo is global for the whole project. Could you be more specific, please?

Previously in Cubase 9 I could import a part onto a track. I could then double click that part and it would open an edit window. In that window I could assign a tempo to it. I could then click musical mode and it would stretch that part based on the tempo I had assigned to it. This no longer seems to be an option?

CTRL+p to open pool window and change tempo there? I’ve always done like that, didn’t know you could even do that like that


If you want to Audio Event follows the project tempo, enable the Musical Mode in the Info Line or in the Pool.

Hopefully these images will help clarify what I mean. The first image is Cubase 9 and has a tempo input panel circled where I can define the original tempo. This isn’t there in Cubase 13

The field is probably just not set to be visible. Use the gear icon to change it. FYI, The Tempo field on the Info Line is the same field you find in the Pool.

Just one thing to add… it’s not the track tempo, it is the event tempo instead.


Thanks for your help guys. You can indeed change the ‘event’ tempo in the pool so that has solved my problem. However I haven’t found a way to display that field in the info line


Do you mean the Musical Mode state? Just right-click to the Info Line in the Project window and enable the option.

If you right click that top bar area you can select what features you want to display.

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