New / Neu Backbone Drum Re-synthesizer

Backbone is your new, innovative drum designer for single kicks, snares, hi-hats, percussion, rises, hits and more. Layer up to eight samples and shape them with classic subtractive synthesis, decompose samples into tonal and noise elements, re-synthesize samples to manipulate them in unheard ways and apply up to eight effects with two fully routable buses — all with a slick, extremely fast interface. Backbone takes your drums into a whole new era of sound design — the era of drum re-synthesis!

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Erlebe einen neuen, innovativen Drum-Designer für Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, Percussion, Rises, Hits und viele weitere Sounds. Layere bis zu acht Samples und forme den perfekten Drum-Sound mit klassischer subtraktiver Synthese, zerlege Samples in tonale und geräuschhafte Bestandteile, re-synthetisiere Samples, um neuartige Sounds zu kreieren und belege sie mit bis zu acht Effekten über zwei vollständig routingfähige Busse – alles in einem übersichtlichen, extrem schnellen Interface. Mit Backbone erlebst du eine neue Ära des Sound-Designs – die Ära der Drum Re-synthese!

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This feature is available in Groove Agent 5, right?

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So I noticed in the system requirements that you’ll need an internet connection for license activation.
Can it be activated on multiple systems (daw & vepro) and used simultaneously?

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Some of these features are available as part of GA5
Or you could achieve similar results as a separate Cubase project

However, I would imagine it comes into its own as a very specific, very quick, very focused tool which gives immediate results for in-depth programming of individual drum sounds and / or sound design.
And would be a great tool to use in conjunction with Groove Agent / within a Cubase project

Having all of the colour coded tools laid out on an individual page ( instead of scrolling through different pages in GA ) should make this very fast to use as drum sound designer or sfx designer.

It looks very useful.

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Based on provided information, its only new, fast workflow oriented GUI for some features of GA5. Or is there something what cannot be done in GA5? (I found that several users founds GA5 confusing from gui point of view) But now im really confused why there is new product instead of update (alternative view in GA5 which shall be steinberg drum designer flagship).

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GA5 doesn’t have the Spectral Filter and Re-synthesis.

It would be nice if the next iteration of GA borrowed some of the GUI.

However, I can see that Backbone, whilst being a good drum designer - will probably have far more use and value to me, spotting sound effects to video - where having the ability to edit, adapt and resynthesize sounds many times, would be a real time saver.
And having the ability to tune individual components could help with sounds that clash with the background music track.

Having a container for a group of sounds that make up a sound effect, should be so much easier to manage than separate channels and all of the bussing involved.

What I can’t see is whether the individual layers within backbone can be offset or delayed.

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I’ll wait for the GA5/6 update that includes these workflow enhancements. I can’t justify the cost of Backbone while owning Cubase 10.5, GA5 and Halion 6. Also workflow would be better if this workflow is in GA5 rather than a separate plugin. Backbone is good for people using other DAWs or not GA5 full version.

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Yes, each layer has a “note-on” delay that can be set as milliseconds or sync to tempo, I’ll be using Backbone mainly as a sound design tool, like you said, the ability of having a container that holds a bunch of SFX together is top for me, I’m sure video game audio designer will appreciate.
Although I have GA5, I find it too complex for this purpose, this seems to be an great solution.

Thank you Dani
Appreciate you taking the time to answer.

That’ll be perfect.

// Although I do wonder if Steinberg might bring something similar out specifically dedicated to sound design in Nuendo //

I don’t get it… doesn’t seem revolutionary to me… seems like the main feature of this is the “de-compose” part, but I thought Groove Agent already has that feature.

Everything else looks very standard. Pitch and filter envelopes and stuff like that… am I missing something?