Nuendo Live — Advanced Live Recording System:

Nuendo Live is a professional multitrack live recording solution, perfectly tailored to capture live performances, from club show up to the largest concerts and festivals. Ease of use, utmost stability and an exceptional performance are combined to make your live recording session both more professional and a whole lot easier. Highlights of Nuendo Live include on-the-fly session setup, a convenient record panel, a 60-second pre-record buffer, auto-save functionality and a seamless integration with Yamaha’s CL digital mixing consoles. In plain words, Nuendo Live the ideal choice to capture the essence of now — with superior quality and without any compromises.

Actually looks like a good idea…can’t tell you how many times the pre-record buffer has saved my ass in Nuendo

I think this is a very good move from Yamaha/Steinberg.

Clever & Simple.


I agree Fredo, and you KNOW how hard it is for me to admit that :slight_smile:

Indeed, that is a pretty cool idea!

Presonus Capture ?

Because of this it is a bad move, is that what you are succesting???

Bye / Tumppi

What is the difference to N 5 ?
Easier to use? Any new features?

Big K

Hi all,

thanks for your comments. The purpose of Nuendo Live is not to put as many features as possible
into the application - actually the opposite is the case. Nuendo Live has a specific design that makes
it very easy to operate in live-situations. It has a dedicated record panel and many functions running
automatically in the background, making setup of live sessions easy and fast. It’s too banal to call it
“reduce to the max”, but actually the initial feedback from the pro live-recording market is very positive.

Nuendo Live will be available together with Yamaha’s new CL consoles (deeply integrated), but
also as a standalone version for those who don’t need all other Nuendo functions in live situations.
Additionally, Nuendo Live is very very stable. Of course, it’s based on the Nuendo Audio Engine
but the code has been “refresehd”, partly.

Currently we’re still working on some integration parts and auto-setup functions with Yamaha
console (so called “extension software”, bascially a kind of “EuCon” protocol but made for the
connection to Yamaha’s live consoles). The official availability is planned for end of June 2012.


So Timo,

what is the segmentation going to be then? Will “Live” features that are currently not found in N5.x make their way into N6?

Actually we’re thinking about some details, such as faster access to folders for example or the automatic naming scheme that Nuendo Live provides. All in all, mainly Nuendo Live “features” will only stay in Nuendo Live as they only make sense with this dedicated user interface and for this kind of use case.


This will surely provoke some critical comments.
Better put a good chunk of N live features into N6.
Otherwise, you’ll end up in another NEK-like nonsense discussion…
It would not hurt you in anyway, would it?

Big K

Big K,

it is not about creating “NEK” like discussions. Nuendo Live is a completely separate
product. As I said, it makes no sense to include ALL feature in Nuendo, as Nuendo is
not designed in a way Nuendo Live is. Nevertheless, as mentioned a few features could
make it in Nuendo 6.