New Padshop Expansions don't work correctly in Cubase AI 12.0.52

Good Day. (Dec 27-2022)

Just bought Bewitcher, Granular Symphonies, Kingdom and **
Polarities**. I noticed that Steinberg Download Assistant now registers plugsins or expansions in the new Activation Manager. In the older days they were registered into the eLicenser, and I never had problems.

Unfortunately for me, none of these new purchases work correctly in my Cubase AI 12.0.52. The Activation Manager displays everything as being Activated.

In Granular Symphonies I get no sound at all from all Presets. For the other three, it’s hit and miss. Some Presets work but most don’t at all (no sound).

I think it has something to do with the new Licensing Scheme, but I don’t know for sure.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

I should add that all of my previous purchases of plugins & expansions packs still work in my Cubase AI 12.0.52. They are all registered in the eLicenser.

It’s just these latest 4 Padshop expansions purchased on Dec-27-2022 that don’t work correctly. They are registered in the Activation Manager.

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Can you please define “work correctly”

Are the files registered in the Steinberg Library Manager? (if not, you can simply open one of the content files to register all in that folder.)

Good Day.

Managed to solved my Padshop problem. I installed the latest version of Padshop ( My previous version was

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Thanks for the reply.
I managed to solve it by installing the latest version of Padshop 2.

Good Day.

How do I remove the screenshot I included with my initial post?

Thanks in advance.

I just figured out how to remove the screenshot I’d included. Thanks.

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