New parts make main score flow to next flows?

I have 5 piano pieces engraved till now, each piece on its own flow. I added titles on top of each piece, using master pages.

Now I am adding a clarinet part and by doing this, the pieces are being pushed to the next flow/piece. So now the end of a piece is placed below the title of the next piece. What is happening and how can I avoid this from happening? Shouldn’t every flow act completely independent from the others?

They do !
Are you using tokens to add your title flows ? This works by using the project info tool, in which you can fill informations about each flow, and Dorico automatically inputs the titles.

No, I created title pages in the master page section. Same for the composer name. In the master pages I used tokens, yes.

Well, Andre, just to let you know…
If you do not do anything with masterpages, but fill in the project info tool, Dorico will input your titles, composers and so on… the way you need it to be (in 90% of the cases). If you have a problem with how Dorico displays it, THEN begin to play with the layout of those masterpages. I believe this will save you lots of time and I am convinced this is the way Dorico was designed to be used :wink:

That would save me a lot of headaches… I spent a lot of time with master pages design yesterday and finally understand how it works, but I would rather let Dorico do the work :wink:

Andre, do you want a separate title page (without music) for each piece/flow?

If you have set flows to “allow on existing page” in Layout Options, you’ll run into problems with your approach. Likewise if you have entered piece/flow titles manually/explicitly on the master pages.

Only one flow title can appear automatically on each page, so if you have another flow starting on the same page, the above procedure will not work either. Then you have to wait until all the music is entered and the layout is finished, and then enter titles manually using text entry. There are other methods as well, but using text and altering the spacing between systems manually is probably the easiest…

The way my full score is set up:

title page - copyright page - 2 about the composer pages - TOC page - empty page for teacher’s notes - Start music score with 5 different pieces each having its own title/composer header - empty page for teacher’s notes - Also Available page with graphics and text.

So it’s a lot of everything. I designed the first 6 pages and the last 2 pages as master pages. I also designed a First master page for music that has more then 1 page (title page and normal music page) and a default master page that has 2 pages both with a title header for single page pieces.

btw. I noticed that when I make the Rastral Size in Layout Options small enough for the Full Score, everything falls on its correct pages.

OK. Actually, you could use the defaults for everything, and just insert/add those text only pages as blank (based on “none”) and then add the text frames as needed. Using master pages for this will probably only complicate things…

Yes, I noticed I have to do things like page swapping to get the master pages on their correct places in the score, because I designed them a 2 pages, but using a single empty page would make things easier, yes. Good tip!

No, every title page has also music on it, so every flow is set to start on a new page.

Sounds like you figured it out, but since I spent the last 10 minutes making up a default nonsense project to prove my point, I’m attaching it nonetheless. Say, if you want to extend the 2nd piece, the third will jump to page 10, so what you do is swapping the closing text pages with the arrows, like you said :slight_smile:
SILLY.rar (215 KB)

Thanks for making this, I like the title :slight_smile: