New payer staff only appears on page 1

Hope it isn’t me being naive.
I want to add a harp player to a score. (Problem arises because an imported xml harp part blocks the harp’s bass staff. I’m trying to create a new part to copy the original notation into.)
I create the new player and assign a harp. The new bracketed staves appear on page 1 only. Obviously I’ve looked around page 2 and on to check it hasn’t appeared elsewhere.
This also happens with any new player assigned an instrument.

I can add staves (Edit/Staff/Add above or below) that reach throughout the score - but when I do it suddenly gives me a bracketed Piano part that also appears on all score pages. [Edit} This magical piano part doesn’t appear in the Set up player list.
I’d be happy to use the Edit/Add staffs in which to copy the original failed harp parts.
I can’t use the piano part and rename it because if I remove the 2 added staves that piano part disappears.
Worrying because it’ll no doubt affect the harp part layout.
Has anyone encountered this and knows the way out? Many thanks for any help.

Please confirm that this Layout Option is set correctly.

Regardless of what that Layout Option’s set to, you should be see all of the staves throughout within Galley View. This doesn’t strike me as a case where Add/Remove Staves should be necessary.

My thought too. Even if “After First System” is the setting Ivor wants for the rest of his instruments, once he copies the old harp part into the new staves (starting on page 1 to the end of flow) the subsequent, newly filled staves should appear.

Thank you.
I have staff visibility set to everything excluded from hiding except a solo violin after the first page.
I’ll try making them all visible (setting “Hide empty staves” to Never and see what happens. However, that doesn’t explain the sudden appearance of a piano part!
I’ll be back!

As to the “magical piano”, is it possible that you’re conflating players vs instruments in the left panel of Setup mode? I suspect you may have added an extra instrument to an existing player, which is perfectly valid thing to do - think an oboist doubling cor anglais or something. By default Dorico performs instrument changes automatically between instruments that are held by the same player. You might need to look down the left panel of Setup mode (and click the disclosure arrows to reveal the instruments held by each player) to see who’s holding the piano. Then, if you want that piano, create a new player (Shift-P), then hit Escape - leaving it “empty-handed” - then drag and drop the piano instrument from the currently doubling player into the new empty-handed player. Then you may need to drag the new Piano player to the correct position for the score (e.g. above strings if it’s an orchestral piece).

Many thanks. Looks like changing the visibility did it. Apologise for trespassing on your time. It’s something I should have checked after setting up the harp part. It no doubt appeared unchecked in the list.
Again, thanks.

No need to apologise - it’s what we’re here for :wink: