New PC build - would like sound card advice

I’m building myself a new rig primarily for gaming but I also just purchased the CI 2 and Cubase AI 5 that comes with it. I’m not planning on any kind of huge DAW, but I build mods for games such as Fallout 3, New Vegas and the soon to be released Elder Scrolls - Skyrim. So I thought I’d give Cubase a try for recording voice files for my upcoming projects. (I’ve been using Audigy and wanted something with more bells and whistles!) I am a musician however and will likely use Cubase for ambient audio tracks and foley type sound effects and what not.

My rig will consist of an i7 Sandy Bridge & most likely a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P, 8 GIG memory and I currently have a GTX 470 GPU. My extremely old Soundblaster needs to be replaced with something that will fit into my overall system. (It seems Soundblaster seems to be a curse word around here from my searches, lol. :blush: )

So, do any of you guru’s see a problem with my build in general, my overall type of use of Cubase and could also recommend a decent sound card? I don’t need tons of I/O as it’s basically only me. If it matters, I monitor through a pair of Bose 301’s on the shelves of my corner desk set up through a 200 watt JVC.

Also, one last note: I do have the CI 2 & Cubase up and running, but the Creative drivers are nowhere to be found in the Device Setup so I’m using the ASIO Direct X Full Duplex Driver. (I assumed it was because my card is so old.)

Anyway, thanks for any help and sorry for the wall-o-text.

The CI 2 is your soundcard!

Split will be along shortly to correct me if I’m wrong :smiley: .

As Scab said, the CI IS a soundcard so you don’t need anything else :slight_smile:
It’s also why you don’t need creative drivers in Cubase, you want the CI drivers instead. I expect they came on a disc that came with the CI.
What you need to do is connect your JVC amp to the outputs on your CI and you can use the inputs on the CI for recording.

The PC looks fine for a DAW.


No Scabs to Pick there :mrgreen:

Balok, have a look here it has some setup diagrams that may help.

And here for the latest drivers>

OK, thanks guys, I thought that was the case, but I couldn’t ever get any audio on my headphones, and I’m almost certain I had it all set up correctly. But I’ll certainly admit I’m green as grass :mrgreen: so I definitely could have missed something. But I know I had the Yamaha drivers set in the Device Setup and I tried switching between the input and DAW on the CI 2, and I definitely had the headphones turned up, lol. I’ll just import a song or something to test with this evening. (I’m at my day gig right now, lol.)

I’ll go through it all again to see what I come up with. I’m just wondering how it will sound with my games.

Thanks again!

It should work just as well for games. If you want to use it for games, music etc (basically anything other than cubase), you have to set is as default audio interface in Windows. Rightclick the little speaker icon in the bottom right corner on the taskbar and select playback devices. Here you can see all the installed soundcards and you should be able to set the CI as the default soundcard. Now connect your speakers/headphones to your CI and you should be good to go.
You can rip out the soundblaster altogether now :wink:

Thanks everyone! Got it working now. Sounds pretty good so far!