New PC for Studio - What to buy?

Hi everyone!
This month I want change my PC in studio.
I want to know from you ,which part you think is best to buy my PC.
I consider buying:

Procesor Intel - i7 (3,4 or 3,6)
Motherboard on Intel Chipset
4 GB Ram - 1333
Video card for 2 LCD
HDD - 2 TB - 7200
FireWire controler on Texas Ins chipset.

Computer will be work with Win XP
Music card - Motu 828 MK2 FireWire
Cubase 4 + Fruity Loop 8

Maybe you are able to advise me which part (names , models of parts) buy to build my new studio PC.
Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

well i will go for a sandy or ivy bridge (I7 2600K for less than 250€) if you have no PCI card & 8 or16 go memory (U can have 16go for 150€). for graphic have no problem with ATI HD 5/6 series (between 60/80 €) & the best is with the z58 (sandy= you have 2 more video out that’s mean 4 screen)
one disk system & one disk for audio/sample or better 3 disk one for system one for audio & one for sample !
you can build a nice stuff around 800/900 € (just tower without screen mouse etc…)
& go to win 7 x64 better than XP for latest cpu etc…

Thank you for your advice
I heard from a friend who work wit Cubase and FL on Win 7 had big problems and he back to XP.
That I would like to stay with XP, I know, I will be can only have 4 GB RAM with stay with XP but work will be more stable.

Your friend is misinformed, Cubase runs like a dream in Win 7. Maybe FL doesn’t like Win 7 but I find that hard to believe. I and many people think W7 is the best Microsoft OS to date and I’d recommend getting at least 8 preferably 16 gb of ram Good luck

Yup, that now make three, against your one :mrgreen:

FL runs perfectly fine one Win7. if building a new system i would say you are crazy to stay on XP

Win7 is by far the best OS MS has ever done. and the first to be used by us on release. normally we would wait for SP1 before selling for audio but win7 rocked straight up.

Thanks to all advices.
Ok If Cubase 4 and FL 8 together with DAW MOTU 828MK2 and Emagic AMT-8 will be work perfectly with Win7 I can change my OS for Win7 in my studio. :mrgreen:

The only thing that made me very angry when it moves and the look of Win7… :imp:

Win7 is a great operating system, I have 3 different Motu (express, 828, and 828MK2) all working perfectly 64bit w/cubase. It might take a little getting used to but don’t think twice about it {(r you will the last person on the XP sinking ship)

When I buy system I believe it is great to plan on paper what my future needs are going to be and how long I want to use computer before replacing again. I like to keep my systems around for 3 years so I build or buy accordingly. Exp. you stated 4gig ram which to me will not be enough to start any of my plugs…So I would suggest a minimum of SandyBridge i7 processor and a board that has 8 slots for ram so your system can grow with your needs. A board that has enough slots to add any card you may need to add on and as important as any of this a great power supply not a nickle and dime one (like the ones that come on low end HP and Dell systems). I used to build my system but when researching I found that these guys do great work and can customize any part of system for less than I could do it myself, check it out I have been real happy with mine and support as needed
These guys are incredible if you want high end laptops, but be sure to shop for one that has firewire for your Motu or you will be buying another sound card like I did lol.

Oops sorry I didn’t see you were still using cubase 4, are you planing an upgrade there?

we will see, but i’m guy who work with things which like, i not do updates for everything because somethiong is new…

I see you wrote me guys about 64 bit OS
I like use my VST , and i just checked for some is not possible work on 64 bit.
I don’t want change OS for few new VST and leave others because not will work with 64bit
I do not like to change this in the works :mrgreen:
All the best :wink:

and the emagic AMT8 does’nt work in x64 system

W7 32?

Win7 work with 3,25 GB Ram ? Or more ?


In XP you could alter the Bootini file to recognize more ram. WIndows 7 has Boot Configuration Data instead, I don’t ever have to worry about that any more because I’m 64bit but you can google procedures for editing Boot Configuration Data and see if there is a way get it to recognize more. You maybe able to use Ram Disk also for this. Even if you do I doubt Cubase 4 will care as I think it is written to work w/only 3gb of ram